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Jack Barry Voice Talent

Jack Barry Demos

Jack has a rich baritone voice that has been seasoned over his 40 years as a voice actor. His voice is perfect for all types of media.

  Marni Webb Voice Talent

Marni Webb Demos

Marni is a noted for her storytelling quality, for the leisurely way her voice wraps around a message.




It is essential to have the right voice behind your message—today more than ever before. It’s essential to have the right voice behind your radio or TV message—today more than ever before. And because the same local announcers record the majority of those spots, most radio and TV commercials sound exactly alike. If your words don’t stand out and above the countless other broadcast advertisements crowding the airwaves, digital and cable channels, the result is: your message can be lost. Jack Barry and Marni Webb have teamed up to offer you two of the finest male and female voice talents who can bring your script to life!

We live in the age of audio branding, where your business can have a recognizable voice. So don’t stop at new voices for your radio and TV commercials; hire outstanding voiceover talent for your multimedia presentations, telephone/on hold messages, DVD training and web videos. We Offer personable announcers, narrators of all kinds including education, business and healthcare, audiobooks, animation, gaming, film, and new media. Excellent voiceover is necessary and effective, so deliver your message with the help of Audio 123 dot net and Marni Webb dot com. We give you direct access to hiring talent. We are not an agency and add no fees.

Check out our demos on the demo page. Let us know how we can add your name to the ever-growing list of satisfied clients who have and still are using Jack Barry Audio and Video Productions for voiceover talent needs. We would be happy to record a free demo of your script for you, so please give us a call at (530) 519-5151. It's that simple to get started. Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. Please feel free to browse through the site and listen to the demos on the demo page. If you don't hear an example of what you are looking for, please let us know. We will be more than happy to record your script or copy as a free demo, and deliver it to you as an mp3 file—fast—over the Internet. You’ll be playing it on your own computer before you know it!



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